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Csendes Dűlő Szőlőbirtok
Ungarn - Badacsony

Lying on the southern slopes of the Örsi hill, the Csendes Dülö Wine Estate is owned by our family for 45 years. With its unique panorama on three hectares grow the luscious Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), the honey-scented Hárslevelü, the fiery Szürkebarát (Pinot gris) as well as the “noble wine, or the nectar of nobles” the curio Kéknyelü (Blaustengler), a special and characteristic Hungarian vine variety grown only in the Badacsony Wine Region. The bed of volcanic rocks characteristic of this wine region endows the wines with intensive acidity and full, rich taste. Soaking in the sun, Badacsony has a balanced, submediterranean climate subserved by the southern aspect of the vineyards and the light reflectivity of gorgeous Lake Balaton. The Hungarian literature abounds with stories of wine, vineyards and wine cellars. But reading the lines of the writers and poets we always returned to one specific Hungarian writer, Gyula Krúdy. Because no one has ever written about wine and people like him... That is the reason why we borrowed his lines to unfold tales about our wines. The wines of the Csendes Dülö Wine Estate are made and bottled by the Schieszl Winery in cooperation with the Prónay Castle.

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Badacsonyi Kéknyelű - 2015 - Silber Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
Balatoni Kéknyelű - 2013

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